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Exciting news! "Setting Sail"

date 11/20/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Last night we met with the Facilities Task Force Committee to review the proposed changes to the building plan.  The Task Force has given the architects and engineers the go ahead to move to the next phase of our planning.  The architects will be drawing up the floor plans and elevations.  At our next meeting, we will get our first look at what the whole project looks like with all the components we talked about.  The floor plans will give us a better sense of how things are set up and how people will transition from one space to the next.  The project discussion will also include plans to address the moving of the runoff that runs through the property we bought, to accommodate for a new street and parking spaces.  

As part of our ongoing community engagement plan, we sent out the second of three planned surveys to all of our people/e-mail addresses.  The survey questions focused on the facilities.  Once we have the design drawings of the proposed building plans and the approximate costs, we will have public meetings to gather community input.  The process of refining the project and gathering more input will continue all the way up to the Bond vote scheduled for sometime in the Spring of 2016.  

On behalf of the Cleveland School Board, I would like to let you know how much we appreciate the tremendous support that the Cleveland and surrounding communities  have provided for our students and school.  Without this support, Cleveland School would not be as successful as it is.  We are very mindful of our responsibility to the entire Cleveland community /District and surrounding communities and believe that this Capital Improvement Plan represents a responsive and responsible approach to the continuing enrollment growth in our school as well as the need to invest in maintenance and expansion of our facilities.  

A special thank you to the members of the Task Force Committee...they have given of their time out of their busy schedules to meet in the evenings to help with the planning and direction for the building project.
We are "Setting Sail"  ....I look forward to our adventures. 

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