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Minutes from our last Facilities Task Force Committee

date 12/03/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

The Facilities Task Force Committee met on November 19th.  The minutes and the drawings we looked at that evening were added to our web page.  The plan moves forward to the next stage where soon we will see floor plans, elevations and costs.  The biggest challenge was trying to figure out the transition from one building to the next as you move further South and West down the hill.  The hill drops over twenty feet and designing the flow of human traffic and all the other details was quite challenging.  Joseph Conti- our architect from Brunton, has successfully solved the transitions.

We are planning on getting the Vote Yes committee running again as we move forward with our plans to present the building plans to the public with a Bond Referendum scheduled for a vote some time this Spring, 2016.  Please contact me if you are interested in serving on this committee.   

We will also be scheduling several public meetings to showcase the building plans and discuss the details of the project.  


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