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Bond Referendum February 7th, 2017

date 11/03/2016 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Yes, it is true. We are going out again for a Bond Referendum scheduled on February 7th, 2017.  Following the failed bond referendum of last May, we went right back to the drawing board to make changes.  We met again as a group to discuss the results and what we were hearing from our voters.  We put out another survey to gather more feedback from our taxpayers.  We want you to know that we heard you.  The project has been scaled back from the original $34 million to slightly under $18 million.   One project, one question -$18 mill.  Around $15 million is designed for the new construction.  The new section will include a gym, a lobby or multi-purpose area and a wing of classrooms.  The classrooms include a band practice room, four elementary classrooms, a stem room, a new shop area, three secondary classrooms plus a new art room.  The lower lobby are will also include restrooms, concession area and the kitchen.  

The new wing will allow us to re-purpose several classrooms or areas in the exiting facility that will address a number of our needs.  The things we cut from the project include:  The Performing Arts Center, the commons area, the walking track and the fitness center.  We also cut a number of projects that were being planned for the existing facility.  We had identified about $6 million in upgrades and renovations to the existing facility and now out of the $18 million bond we will have earmarked $1 to $1.5 million of those dollars towards the existing facility.  We will identify the highest priorities first and see how far the dollars will take us.  

Please go to the school's web site for more information on tax impacts etc.  

On behalf of the District, I want to assure our tax payers that we will use the funding in a fiscally sound way, that serves to meet the needs of our students and keeps this community and school going strong.  

In regards to the Bond referendum our motto is   " WITH the community ...not TO  the community"  


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