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The Bond Failed What?

date 02/10/2017 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Let me start by saying...thank you to all the people who worked behind the scenes and out in front during this Bond Referendum process.  A great number of people shared some very nice sentiments about this school and community.   

It failed...and now what?  We all should start by taking a deep breath and take a step back to reflect on the process.  Many people spent a great deal of time in meetings or talking to people about the needs of our school and the needs of our students.  The more invested you are in the process the harder it is to accept failure. Truthfully, it hurts.    I know that feelings are running high and we are disappointed in the results.  But...we need to remember why we are doing this and we cannot accomplish what we need to do, without working together as a community/district.   We need each other and we need to work together to solve this.   

We are the Cleveland District and we all have the right to our opinions and our votes.  That is how the process works.  We will reconvene the Task Force Steering Committee to discuss the next steps.   Our needs aren't going away and the costs to get it done will only go up as the process is delayed.  

We need to hear from you.  One possible next step is to send a letter to every household of registered voters asking for feedback.  What are our options?  Is there anything we can scale back on?  What annual increase amount would you be willing to support?  

In the we go back to the drawing board and determine our next steps ,...the good news is that...we have a healthy fund balance, our sports, music and educational programs are stronger than ever.  We have a dedicated staff and community that support what we are trying to do here.   We will continue to work on strengthening all of  our programs and work on attracting new families and students to our school and community.  We will not give up on this mission because it is too important to us, our community, our school and the families that we serve.  

The Cleveland School continues to shine brightly and is a beacon of welcome to any family and students who enter our school doors.    We promise to nurture them, care for their well-being and educational preparedness.  And ...when the time comes...send them forth prepared with 21st century skills and the confidence to make a difference in this world. 

Thank you...the journey continues.......

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