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District Announces New Bond Referendum

date 03/27/2018 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

I am pleased to announce the District is bringing the bond project to our residents for a vote on August 14, 2018.    The Cleveland School District took a year off to explore options for the project and to gather more community input.  The survey we sent out in the fall of 2017, and was returned by 420 residents of this district.  Two thirds of the Cleveland District residents support seeking a new referendum.  In the survey, nearly 4 out of 5 school district residents believe updated educational spaces are critical to preparing students for their future, and more than two thirds would support additional tax dollars to upgrade the school with new classroom spaces.  

Facility deficiencies have not gone away at the Cleveland Public School, and residents want the district to make investments.  The School Board heard the residents speak and will seek voter approval of a referendum on August 14th, 2018.  The bond project has a new option for voters. 

"While voters wanted the school district to propose a new referendum, many commented that their support is dependent on a number of factors, " McCabe said.  "So we decided to split the project into two questions to provide the voters with options."

"Sections of our building that need upgrades were built during the Truman administration nearly 70 years ago and aren't compliant with current code." said School Board Chairperson Ron McCabe.  "Our kids are impacted daily by deficient space.  They also are impacted by not enough space.  This limits student opportunity in STEM, art, band, phy. ed., and other academics."

The Board approved a two question referendum ballot that asks voters to approve bond levies that would pay for facility investments as follows:

Question 1.  Roof replacement, HVAC improvements, code improvements, safety and security improvements; and the construction of classroom additions, a cafeteria, a STEM Lab and an Ag./Tech Lab ($14.4 million)

Question 2.  Construction and equipping of a gymnasium, locker rooms, mechanical room, and a weight room ($5 million)

The total cost of the project is $19.5 million.  $1.5 million more than the last referendum due to inflation in construction costs.  

The Board would also like everyone to know that even though the bond project was divided into two questions, that both questions are considered to be critical needs for our school district.  

Please keep in mind that question 2 is contingent on the passing of question 1.  When voting please remember to vote for or against both questions.  The results for each question are tallied separately.  However question 2 cannot pass unless question one passes.  

Stay tuned.  More Bond news to come.  


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