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Moving forward with the planning of the building project- Building Bond Referendum - Spring of 2016.

date 11/05/2015 author Brian Phillips category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

The Facilities Task Force Steering Committee met on Thursday, October 29th to review the conceptual block plans presented by Brunton Architects.  The committee looked at three proposed concepts for location and layout.  It was our first opportunity to really start the discussion which included: the transition from one building to the next, views and sunlight into certain spaces, parking spaces needed, and access to all the areas.  The committee also looked at the proposed square footage for the different spaces and added a great deal of input for the architects to re-look at.  

The district will continue to move the planning forward and have all the documentation ready to be sent to M.D.E. for their review.  The district is still planning on a Spring vote for the building project.   The scope of the project still needs further refining before being presented to the public for
their input.  It is our goal to begin soon the public unveiling of the plans and what it could mean for the Cleveland District.  

Thank you for the support on the Operating Referendum. The passing of the referendum means a great deal to this school and the communities that it serves.  

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