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Mrs. Roberts & Mrs. Marchán  Winter 2012-2013

On Wednesday, December 19th students from Spanish II, III, Art History and Art II, had the opportunity to visit two world-class art museums in Minneapolis.  Students spent the day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) for a guided tour of the Arts of the Americas Collection, with focused small group discussions on work from Native American artists.  Students also enjoyed seeing a wide range of original artwork from artists like Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Chihuly, Rembrandt, and Chuck Close as well as cultural artworks like Asian watercolor scrolls, African masks, jade and marble carvings, and roman sculptures.  
The tour continued with a stop at the Walker Sculpture Garden for a group photo in front of Claes Oldenburg’s “Spoonbridge with Cherry” (pictured above).  Prior to the field trip, students used ArtsConnectEd.org to view and learn about Native American works of art, later presenting their favorites to their classmates. Students completed reflection questions about their personal experiences from the day for Art and Spanish coursework, revealing their new appreciation for art and cultures.  Students were excited for and surprised by the opportunity to see original artwork first hand.  Many said they looked forward to similar experiences in the future.  As a continuation of this learning opportunity, students will also be working together on collaborative and individual creative projects (clay whistles, woven baskets, and a mural project).
In addition to the above grant Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Marchán received from PLRAC, Mrs. Roberts is pleased to share that her grant application through the Textile Center of Minneapolis has also been accepted favorably.  She has received a field trip grant to take a small group to visit the center, allowing them to meet fiber artists, participate in a mini creative fiber arts workshop and partner with students from another Minnesota school.
We are so grateful for these opportunities and look forward to more wonderful experiences both inside and outside of our Art and Spanish classrooms!
These activities were made possible in part by a grant provided by the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council from funds appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature through the Legacy Amendment.

Welcome Back Students!  I can't wait to see what you're going to LEARN, CREATE, SOLVE, and TEACH this year! - Mrs. Roberts



Special thanks to all who helped and participated in the first annual Art Show & Silent Auction featuring Art from grades 7-12 this June. It was a great event to showcase the hard work and creativity of our students and to help us start to raise money for a 3-D art display case & supplies!



Take a look at some of our K-12 students at work by clicking here.



Congratulations to the five CHS students chosen to participate in the

22nd Annual Waseca High School Art Show at the Waseca Art Center. 

Regan Sandmann, Sarah Horn, Zac Reinhardt, Mitch Miller, Laura Gullickson

These students had their work on display at the Waseca Art Center through Friday, April 16th.

Students participated in a workshop day and critique with local artists and students from the eight participating schools from the area.


What a great testament to Cleveland’s support of the Arts

and the hard work of our students to have three award winners from our school!

Special congratulations to our three award winners:

Laura Gullickson “Most Creative”

Sarah Horn “Honorable Mention”

Zac Reinhardt “Honorable Mention” 


Water is Life! 2010 Art Contest

Laura Gullickson entered her painting in the annual competition sponsored by the Freshwater Society and the South Central Service Cooperative.  Her was on display at the Carnegie Art Center in Mankato through April 12th.


Student Resources


Institute of Arts

Walker Arts Center



Check out some of our K-12 students at work in Art class . . .


Our 4th Graders love creating their clay sculptures!



The 6th Graders are always hard at work on their creative solutions in the Art room!


Advanced students love to draw from real life around CHS when they get the chance!


Students at Cleveland Schools work with a variety of media and sizes.

They aren't afraid to get a little messy and explore new materials and ideas!

Art I students are currently exploring the style and work of Georgia O'Keeffe.



Participating students received rave reviews from the staff

and guests at the Waseca Arts Council on April 16th.  It was a

wonderful show with some great work by our very own

CHS artists on display in the gallery.  Community members and

teachers who were able to visit the exhibition also shared very

positive feedback and praise for the work of our students!

Students participated in a workshop on the 16th which included a critique of their work in the gallery and some "studio" work time where they were asked to create a very large self-portrait. One or two from each participating school were asked to leave their self-portraits to hang in the gallery.  Our students chose Laura and Sarah's pieces to stay.  Check them out in the WAC gallery through April 23rd!

(Pictured @ left: Pat Beckman, WAC Director

Allison Roberts, WAC Art Ed Specialist

and Dr. Deanna Bendix center.)

Mrs. Roberts (Cleveland Art Teacher) also took students on a tour of a local art gallery and working artist studios within blocks of the workshop/WAC where students got a feel for how differently individual artists can work!


Here is the work that our five CHS students submitted for jury by Dr. Bendix:



Above from left: Zac R ("Honorable Mention"), Regan S

Center: Mitch M

Bottom: Laura G ("Most Creative" Award), Sarah H ("Honorable Mention")



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