Class Expectations

In kindergarten, we understand your child is learning the school routine. Opportunities to develop these skills are modeled and taught throughout the day.

Your child will have opportunities to earn a Clipper Compliment. These are given to students who demonstrate exemplary behavior. Students will be recognized by the student body and be in a group photo.

Character Counts!®

Our school promotes the Character Counts!® program. We encourage an atmosphere of kindness. The pillars of this program include:

1. Trustworthiness
2. Respect
3. Responsibility
4. Fairness
5. Caring
6. Citizenship

These are the classroom rules and are discussed daily.

Steps for Redirection

If a child is having difficulty with displaying appropriate behavior, these are the steps that will be followed:
1. A verbal warning to redirect behavior
2. A five minute time out
3. Missing 5 minutes of playtime
4. A phone call to the parent

Our school also uses stop and think tickets. This is a form of communication between the student, the parent, and the teacher. They need to be filled out, signed, and returned to school.

General Information

1. Enjoy listening to your child read the weekly books
2. Help your child learn the sight words
3. Return the Friday folder on Mondays
4. Complete homework each week by Friday
5. Have a spare set of clothes at school
6. Keep a pair of gym shoes at school for P.E.

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