English 12: Syllabus

English 12 2015-2016 Syllabus
MRS. KEHOE – 2015-2016
Mrs. Amy Kehoe – Instructor                                     Email: kehoe.amy@cleveland.k12.mn.us   ;
Office / Classroom Location: Room 208                 Classroom Phone Number: 507-484-1341
Instructor Hours: M–F 7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.         Prep Time: Hour 1
                                The Language of Literature (purple) by McDougall Littell
                                 Language Network (purple) by McDougall Littell
                                Excerpts from Beowulf, The Ramayana, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Iliad,
                                     The Odyssey, Canterbury Tales
                                The Inferno by Dante Alighieri
                                The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
                                The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
                                Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
                                Hamlet by William Shakespeare
                                The Road Back to Sweetgrass by Linda LeGarde Grover
                                Analogies 3; Educator’s Publishing Service
English 12 is a full year course, divided into four quarters of instruction, designed to focus on four main areas of development:  writing, reading, listening, and speaking. This course meets specific national, state, and local benchmark standards.
This course will focus on the continuing study of literature, particularly that of British and World literature authors.   Literature from various genres will be explored through close reading with a focus on literary terminology and continued improved of literary analysis.  The writing process including research writing and the collection of research materials through the Traverse des Sioux library system, ELM databases, and the Internet to choose reliable sources and oral communication skills will be reviewed. Additional skills included in the curriculum for this year include continued progression in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, analogies, and vocabulary exploration.
                The five major goals of this course are to:
  • write clearly and fluently for a variety of purposes
  • correctly apply grammar and punctuation concepts to writing
  • learn to interpret and analyze literature of different genres
  • learn to listen actively and participate appropriately in class discussions
  • speak in front of a group of your peers on a number of topics and occasions
  • to recognize and write complete sentences using correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar mechanics
  • to learn and share common vocabulary in order to address usage concerns
  • to plan a piece of writing by determining purpose, audience, structure or format, point of view, and method of organization
  • to use a writing process for various types of writing including essays and research which utilizes pre-writing activities, a rough draft, and a final copy
  • to write various types of essays which include an introductory paragraph, topic or thesis sentence, supporting details, transition words, appropriate word choice, and a concluding paragraph
  • to demonstrate an understanding of plot, theme, setting, conflict, tone, and characterization within the novel or short story
  • to further explore literary vocabulary to further investigate literature on a deeper level
  • to read, discuss, interpret, and analyze class-required novels
  • to read two instructor-suggested novels over the course of the school year and participate in two literature circles for the purpose of exploration of these novels
  • to apply close reading strategies to aid in the analyzing and interpretation of literary works
  • to answer questions thoughtfully, clearly, audibly, and completely
  • to demonstrate active listening by following oral directions, paraphrasing key concepts, and taking detailed notes
  • to use effective speaking and listening skills in small groups, emphasizing an openness to diverse ideas, appropriate social behavior and responsibility in completing assigned individual and group tasks
  • to continue to hone speaking skills through presentations of varying time requirements, necessity, and topics in front of a large group of peers, developing confidence, poise, and self-esteem through practiced speech delivery
  • 1-70 page spiral notebook specifically for this class
  • 2 – folders (preferably plastic)
  • A writing utensil (pencil, pen)
  • Optional: a highlighter, large eraser, post-it notes and/or tabs
  • Students must have materials, including current classroom reading, necessary for class with them upon entering each day. 
  • Students also must bring a free-reading book to class each day.
  • All student work, including that submitted via Google Drive, must have the proper heading on it, including first AND last name, class hour, and date.  Any work without this information will be returned, ungraded, until it is revised and will receive a late score penalty.
  • Students must be in their seats, ready to begin class when the tone sounds. Failure to do so will result in a tardy.
  • If a student is arriving late from another class, he or she should have a signed pass from that teacher.  A phone call from the other teacher is also acceptable.
  • All technology (e.g. cell phones, personal laptops and tablets, I-pods, etc.) must be “parked” in the appropriate spot prior to the beginning of class.  As stated in the classroom rules on technology, any technology found during class will be sent directly to the office for parent retrieval at the end of the day and will also result in a detention.
  • If technology is to be used during the class period, I will allow time to retrieve it.  All must be “parked” at the beginning of class regardless of class plans for usage.
  • Please be respectful of staff and students in regards to pictures.
  • Music may be allowed, minimally, only if the student brings his/her headphones to class prior to the beginning of class.  Please do not ask at each work/test time if music is allowed or the privilege may be revoked.  I will let you know prior to class if it is a possibility.
  • If music is being allowed and others can hear it, you will lose the privilege. This is not negotiable.
  • Excused absences, as stated as acceptable according to the school handbook, will allow the student two days for each day absent for work to be turned in without penalty.
  • Pre-authorized absences require a pink sheet from the office. Please give additional time for preparation of materials if at all possible.
  • Following an absence, or prior to the absence if at all possible, it is the student’s responsibility to get the missing assignments. 
  • Assignments will be expected to be turned in completed and on time.
  • Any assignments not turned in at the time due will result in half credit.
  • Late assignments can be turned in at any time before the cut-off date at the end of the quarter without additional score penalty.
  • Late assignments not turned within one week may earn the student study lunch or after-school detention.
  • Work missed due to an unexcused absence may or may not be accepted for credit.
  • Test retakes may be offered as stated in the High School Test Retake Policy. Only those students with a signed form on file will be allowed to retake tests and only if all other required criteria have been met.
  • Extra credit opportunities are rarely offered, so it is very important to do your best work on time.
A variety of lecture format; pair, small, and large group work; and individual projects will be utilized.
GRADING:  The standard grading scale will be utilized:
A      90 – 100           B     80 – 89            C     70 – 79            D      60-69             F      0 – 59
                Weighting of assignments will be as follows:
                                Daily work                                                                         10%
                                Vocabulary, analogies, and spelling                           20%
                                Quizzes                                                                                30%
                                Tests and Projects                                                            40%
Any student requiring additional assistance may prearrange time with me before school, during my
prep time, or after school. I encourage you to ask for help as soon as you feel you need it!
This is an approximate outline of what will be covered each quarter during this school year.  Please note that this schedule is tentative, and changes may occur due to various circumstances.  However, I will attempt to adhere to this schedule as closely as possible.
Quarter 1
                Analogies A-E / Spelling – Unit I words 1-100
                Study Skills Review
                Five Paragraph Essay / Outlining Review
                Short Story Unit:
                Excerpts from Beowulf, The Ramayana, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,
                         Canterbury Tales, The Iliad, The Odyssey
                Novel: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri
                Research Process Review
                Literature Circle 1
Quarter 2
                Analogies F-J / Spelling – Unit II words 1-100
                Punctuation and Grammar Review
                Novel: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
Quarter 3
                Analogies K-O / Spelling – Unit III words 1-100
                Business Letter Writing / Resume Writing
                Novel: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
                                or Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Quarter 4
                Analogies P-T / Spelling - Unit IV words 1-100
                Drama: Hamlet by William Shakespeare
                Novel: The Road Back to Sweetgrass by Linda LeGarde Grover
                Native American Mythology / Urban legends – as time allows
                Literature Circle 2
I, ______________________________________________, understand the above expectations and requirements for English 12, and I agree to act and participate in class accordingly.
____________________________________/________________      ____________________________________/______________
 Student signature / Date                                             Parent / Guardian Signature / Date
_________________________________________      ________________________________________
Student Name (printed)                                                              Parent / Guardian Name (printed)

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