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The Technology and Engineering Department in the Cleveland Public School District believes that the program should teach and use Technology and Engineering in a way that builds understanding, skills, and attitudes that can be applied to technology.  Because all people are affected by technology's ever increasing presence in our lives, students throughout Middle School and High School are encouraged to participate in Technology and Engineering courses.


Students need Technology and Engineering Education because, as citizens and consumers, they need to understand our technological culture.  Technology provides the basis for the work of a large segment of our society.  Technology and Engineering provides students the opportunity to learn the requirements for entering, maintaining competence, and advancing in the technological workplace.  When students receive their high school diploma, they should be prepared to use technology for the rest of their lives, they should understand it, and they should know how to apply it.

Teaching students about technological innovation and problem solving encourages them to learn about the developments and applications of technology and its place in the world.  Students must learn how their nation earns and maintains its quality of life and standard of living.  They must learn that technology affects society, politics, environment, and the economy.


The Cleveland Technology and Engineering Program recognizes that citizens of the 21st century will need to possess a variety of diverse skills.  Our students should be exposed to and develop skills in the areas of Communication & Information, Manufacturing, Energy & Power, Transportation, Construction,  Engineering, and Biotechnology.  The knowledge needed to apply, adapt, and utilize future technology requires lifelong learning skills.  To achieve these students need to possess skills in critical thinking, problem solving, information gathering, cooperative learning, and technical literacy.

Students that go through the Technology and Engineering Program will be better prepared for meeting life and career goals in our rapidly changing technological world.  As a result of the exposure to courses and curriculum, our students will be better prepared to pursue engineering, scientific, architectural, and other technical professional occupations or programs upon leaving our school system.

Program Goals

Cleveland High School Technology and Engineering Department has put together goals to enhance the achievements of students:

  1. The study of Technology and Engineering should result in students who adjust to the rapidly changing environment.
  2. Students will study the impact of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and how it alters society, politics, economy, and the environment.
  3. Students will develop knowledge and ability to properly and safely use tools and techniques.
  4. Students will develop creative solutions to problems using technical/mechanical means.
  5. Students will be provided the skill development and enrichment experiences necessary for the world of work, regardless of their special needs, abilities, or post-secondary professional career.
  6. The program will provide instructional activities that are appropriate for the gifted and talented students in the Technology and Engineering Program curriculum.

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