Minnesota’s Standardized Test – MCA-II: 

Use the Results to Help Your Child Succeed in School
But what do these test results mean to your child and how can you use the information to help him or her? Your child’s individual test results offer insight to how well your child is performing in these key academic areas. When your child is meeting the standards and benchmarks for Minnesota’s public school children, you can affirm your child’s success and progress. This helps your child stay on the right academic course through elementary and middle school. The MCA tests remain important to your child in high school, because the state uses them as part of the Minnesota requirements for high school graduation.
The score reports from April’s testing are sent to parents in the summer. You can help your child start out on the right foot academically when September comes by understanding the results before a new school year begins. You can be the key to that strong start. How? Read on.
Terms to Know
Minnesota Academic Standards define what students are required to achieve within a school subject area. Each school subject has a set of academic standards in every grade level. They name the specific skills and knowledge base your child is expected to reach in school.
Strands and Sub Strands are the subcategories that make up a content area. You may hear them referred to as objectives. For example, vocabulary expansion, comprehension, and literature are the strands that make up the content area of “reading.”
Benchmark is a specific skill students must learn to meet an academic standard.

Parent/Guardian Refusal Form for Student Participation in Statewide Assessments

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