About Physical Education


·        To provide many activities with opportunities for every student to be successful

·        To create an atmosphere where students are totally accountable for their own actions

·        To develop social behavior with the other students

·        To experience competitive and non-competitive activities focusing on small sided, dual and individual participation

·        To develop skill, interest and the appreciation for the need of life-long learning, activity and recreation

·        To develop sportsmanship through positive attitudes, gestures and words

Dress Code for P.E. 

All students will change clothes (shirts / shorts) in to proper athletic gym clothes and have proper athletic shoes every day for class. Failure to comply with dress code is as follows…

            1st time – Loss of participation points for the day

            2nd time – Loss of participation points for the week

            3rd time and each time after – Loss of whole grade letter for the semester

Dress violations reset at the start of each semester.

Locker room or in class bullying policy:

Bullying will NOT be tolerated! Students who violate this policy are liable for loss of a whole grade letter and possibly out of school suspension.  A meeting will also be set up with the student who is in violation, the student’s parents, and their Physical Education teacher.

We suggest all students lock up all personal belongings. Locks are free of charge and available in the P.E. offices. Charges will be applied for any locks that are damaged or not returned.

All Physical Education make-ups must be turned in within a week of absence for full points. Parents must sign off that their student made up the proper time (30 min) of physical activity.

Contact: Abby Whritenour
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