Sixth Grade

Benchmark Education

Unit 1

Identify Main Idea and Supporting Details

Writing: Biographies

Reader’s Theater: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death-Speed and Pacing

Unit 2

Identify Squence of Events

Writing: Realistic Fiction

Reader’s Theater: Romeo and Juliet-Pausing-short pause

Unit 3

Making Inferences

Writing: Historical Fiction

Reader’s Theater: The New Colossus-Pausing-full stop

Unit 4

Summarize Information

Writing: Mystery

Reader’s Theater: Inflection/Intonation-Pitch

Unit 5

Compare and Contrast

Writing: Myths

Reader’s Theater: The Red-Headed League-Inflection/Intonation-Volume


Unit 6

Identify Cause and Effect

Writing: Plays

Reader’s Theater: Hercules-The Tell-Tale Heart-Inflection/Intonation-Stress

Unit 7

Drawing Conclusions

Writing: Informational Text

Reader’s Theater: The Gettysburg Address-Phrasing-High-Frequency Word Phrases

Unit 8

Evaluate Author’s Purpose

Writing: Science Fiction

Reader’s Theater: The War of the Worlds-Expression-Anticipation and Mood

Unit 9

Identifying Fact and Opinion

Writing: Book/Movie Reviews

Reader’s Theater: A Christmas Carol-Expression- Characterization and Feelings

Unit 10

Making Judgements

Writing: Persuasive Essays

Reader’s Theater: Ain’t I a Woman?-Dramatic Expression



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