Word Study & Vocabulary Scope and Sequence—
Suffixes Unit 1 Suffixes (-ent/-ence, -ant/-ance)
Unit 2 Suffixes (-ent/-ence/-ency, -ant/-ance/-ancy)
Unit 3 Suffixes (-able/-ible)
Unit 4 Suffixes (-able and -ible, e-drop and y to i)
Prefixes Unit 5 Prefix assimilation (in-)
Unit 6 Prefix assimilation (com-)
Unit 7 Prefix assimilation (sub-)
Unit 8 Prefix assimilation (ex-, ob-)
Unit 9 Prefix assimilation (ad-) Greek and Latin Elements
Unit 10 Number prefixes (quadr/quar-, quint-/pent-, oct-, dec-, cent-)
Unit 11 Amounts (magni, min, poly, equ, omni)
Unit 12 Senses (dict, spect/spic, spir, tact/tag/tang)
Unit 13 Actions (fract/frag, rupt, flect/flex, vers/vert)
Unit 14 Air, land, water, & light (aero, ast/aster, hydr, naut/nav, photo, terr)
Unit 15 People (dem, greg, pol/polis, pop/pub, civ)
Unit 16 Ruling and governing (archy, cracy, dom, reg)
Unit 17 Order (equa/equi, medi, prim, proto, secu/sequ)
Unit 18 Body (man, ped, pod, ped)
Unit 19 Care & illness (cur, path, phobia, itis, vol)
Unit 20 Time & family (chron, mat/matr, pat/patr, onym, doc)
Unit 21 Opposites (ante, post, bene, mal, hyper, hypo)
Unit 22 Predictable spelling changes in word roots (ceiv/cep, tain/ten, nounce/nunc)
Unit 23 Latin roots (scrib/script, cred, fac)
Unit 24 Latin roots (duc/duct, flu, ver/vert)
Unit 25 Latin roots (gen, mort, bio)
Unit 26 Latin roots (vent/vent, junct, spir, sec/sect) Word Study Investigations
Unit 27 Words and phrases from other languages: Spanish
Unit 28 Words and phrases from other languages: French
Unit 29 Words and phrases from other languages: German
Unit 30 Eponyms: places, things, actions
Unit 31 Onomatopoeia and palindromes
Unit 32 Portmanteau word

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